Nathan D'Amour has established himself as one of the UK's leading event photographers. He is self taught and describes his style as cutting edge and innovative. He says  'it's all about capturing the energy and drama of a situation'.  Now entering a new phase of development, Nathan is applying his skills and techniques to fashion photography: 'Fashion appeals to me as it's about freedom of expression, an excuse to experiment and be extravagant. He says, 'it's a world where visually anything is possible. It's only limited by our imagination'.




Kit List

Studio & Location - Phase One DFS with P45+, Schneider 85 & 110 lenses                                                              Profoto Pro7B packs, Silver dish, Photek Modifier 


Events - Nikon D3, SB900, 24-70mm zooms, fisheye

Clients                                        Magazines                                        Artists & DJ'S

BBC                                             Digital Photographer             

Royal Ascot                                Mixmag                                               David Guetta

Toni and Guy                              DJ Magazine                                     Swedish House Mafia

THQ Gaming                              M8 Magazine                                     Tiesto

Bank                                            City Dweller                                        Skrillex

Affliction Clothing                      I social                                                 Calvin Harris

STA travel                                   Wired Magazine                                 Eric Morrillo

Dirty Smart                                 Bent Magazine                                   Roger Sanchez

CreamFields                             Excelle Magazine                               Eddie Halliwell

Gatecrasher                              Yorkshire Post                                   Laidback Luke

Pacha New York                       Alpha fit                                                Afro Jack

Ministry Of Sound                                                                                   One Direction

Hed Kandi                                                                                               Chipmunk